Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The "Beginner" Brain

I'm reading the book Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds. In the first chapter, Reynolds writes a wonderful explanation of some of the principles in Dan Pink's book A Whole New Mind. In chapter two, he asserts that approaching tasks with a "beginner's mind" will allow for more creativity and the possibility of even better ideas. I love this idea, especially as I watch young children who are still excited about learning and the discovery process. Watching an infant fascinated by bubbles and water coming out of a faucet really puts everything in perspective. Somewhere in our quest for adulthood, or success, or whatever, many of us have lost our bubble fascination. Today, let's find joy and wonder in the simple things and maybe find a little learning along the way.


tigger on mars said...

Your comment's regarding, "The "Beginner" Brain" were quite interestng and has intrigued me to add to my reading list. Approaching new projects or learning with enthusiasum of a child is delightful. Thank you for continuing to post after completing the assignment for 23 Things. Your blog was nicely put together and showed your professionalism.

the changing brain said...

Thank you tigger on mars (love your alias by the way)! I'm glad that my reflections can be helpful for others.