Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thing #20 YouTube, TeacherTube and ZamZar

I've used YouTube and Zamzar before, so I spent the majority of my time on this task exploring TeacherTube. Because I've really enjoyed the CommonCraft videos that have been part of the Library2Play program, I was curious to see if they had any videos on non-tech subjects that could be used in the classroom.

Well, here is one about electing the president of the United States, and it is excellent (in keeping with CommonCraft tradition.)

This video would be a great addition to any social studies classroom. Pair it with this great flipchart on the electoral college from Promethean's website (free login required to download) to use with an Activboard, and you have an instant, engaging lesson. Even though it can take a while to search through and find them, there are wonderful resources out there that take advantage of the visually engaging styles that our students need. Happy video surfing!

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VWB said...

these resources stay so updated don't they! need to check in periodically to see what new has been added.